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Mach3 Retrofitting

Welcome to this video showcasing the 8H80G model of old Stankoimport milling machine-converted to a highly capable 4-axis CNC milling machine that has been retrofitted with Mach3 control software. With its precise control capabilities and powerful spindle, this machine is perfect for a wide range of machining applications. Overview: The 8H80G model is a high-precision milling machine that has been designed to provide excellent accuracy and repeatability. It features a robust construction, a decent bed size, and a powerful spindle that can easily handle tough materials like steel and aluminum. Spindle: The spindle on the 8H80G model is a high-speed motor that can rotate at a maximum speed of 1439 rotations/minute, with a power rating of 3 kW and a current draw of 6.5A. This spindle operates at 380 volts and is designed to work on a 50Hz power supply. Retrofitting: To bring this machine into the modern era, it has been retrofitted with a Mach3 control system. This software provides the machine with precise control and positioning capabilities, allowing for intricate cuts and complex shapes to be machined with ease.

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